A secure solution

Combining 6 meters of military grade metalwork with the very latest integrated technology, the SecuriView 360° rapid deployment mobile CCTV tower is a fully integrated, mobile CCTV tower that can be redeployed wirelessly as your risk levels change. Armed with the latest high speed transmission, high definition ruggedised PTZ camera, redwall detection — SecuriView is designed for quick and simple deployment in almost any terrain.

A powered solution

The SecuriView Tower can be powered by the mains or using a generator. However, it is adaptable so a hydrogren powercell system can be used offering you low cost Power anywhere. Ideal for remote off-grid locations. There is an independent battery back-up system that will deliver enough energy to keep the SecuriView going for up to 72 hours should any unforeseen power issues arise.

A solution for safety

In addition to providing site security the SecuriView tower can also be used as a project management and health and safety tool. It is possible for office based personnel to access the cameras during working hours and review the recorded images to solve site problems and/or check regulations are being followed by personnel and sub-contractors.

Peace of mind through reliability and effectiveness.


Delivered to site

Wherever you are in the country, whether a remote hill top or a busy urban street, you can rest assured that the Securiview team will be ready to deliver one of our rapid deployment CCTV units to you.


Deployed in a day

Within minutes of arriving on site the rapid deployment CCTV unit can be setup and ready to start monitoring. With our Securiview 360° unit we cover all corners of the site.


Monitored 24/7

The Securiview tower offers a 24/7 monitoring service, which allows trained operators to provide around the clock site surveillance, from the moment it is installed.

Remote and local monitoring.

Our monitoring platform is cloud enabled and can be viewed on smartphones and tablets. This allows you to keep a watchful eye on your project and any H&S playbacks easily by day without interfering with the ACS monitoring set up that oversees the SecuriView at night time when your site is closed.

Maintenance and support.

Once installed we don’t just take care of your CCTV system, we maintain it too. A network of experienced and trained engineers is on hand to carry out diagnostics and servicing work, in two thirds of cases they can even fix the problem remotely.

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