A redoployable surveillance solution that is suitable for any terrain


Infinitely Redployable

With two wheels, a towing eye and 4 jacks sitting on each corner of the base unit — transporting the Securiview surveillance tower is simple. However, when on-site the wheels are removed and base unit is lowered ensuring the highest level of security.

PTZ Camera

A ruggedised 360 Vision Predator HD PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) dome camera provides the eyes for our redployable surveillance systems, offering acceptional low light performance and full HD 1080p imaging capabilities. The camera sits atop a 6m reinforced steel tower providing a clear 360° view of your site, allowing for a upto a 30X optical zoom on any target, whether stationary or mobile.

Intrusion Detection

Optec Redwall PIR (passive infra-red) sensors sit towards the top end of the 6m reinforced surveillance tower, providing accurate and immediate intrusion detection in an on-site environment. With a coverage range of upto 150m, our system of connected sensors provide ample coverage and are housed securely within a reinforced steel cage to provide a tamper-proof intrusion detection solution.

Audio Feedback

The surveillance tower also combines traditional video recordings with audio feedback capabilities using an externally fitted 15W horn speaker. This allows an operator to quickly and effectively provide live audio warnings to unathorised individuals on site.

Backup Power

We understand that not all sites will have reliable access to a power supply, so our system is built to be flexible. With a built-in backup battery UPS your surveillance will remain even in the event of a power outage. The UPS is able to provide 72+ hours of continuous coverage based on your requirements.

Reinforced Metalwork

Featuring a steel checker-plated based, a 6m reinforced tower and a secure steel cage for sensor housing — the metalwork on the Securiview surveillance tower is military grade with all structural welds conforming with the BS4872.

Remote Access

With 3G/4G connectivity, the Securiview tower has the ability to communicate remotely to a CCTV monitoring centre. In addition to remote monitoring, access can also be provided directly to site managers via a dedicated application.

Why PTZ Cameras?

The Securiview tower makes use of market leading PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) cameras providing you with crisp HD video and a full, 360° view of your site. In addition to this, our cameras are paired with bright white LED spotlights providing lighting on demand, as well as IR LEDs providing illumination for nightime viewing.

By using PTZ cameras the Securiview tower enables an operator to view all angles of your site, and with motion detection enabled the system will automatically track and record movements on your site. This would not be possible without the ability to freely move the camera head. The zoom functionality of the camera will also allow an operator to zoom-in on an intruders face, thus allowing them to be easily identfied if required for evidence or prosecution purposes.

Why Audio?

Securiview has dedicated, 15W horn speakers attached to its 6m surveillance tower. These speakers are invaluable in an on-site environment as they can provide a means of communication between site managers and those individuals on-site. This communication could provide the basis for remote site management, or might be used to enforce strict health and safety regulations.

In addition to this, the speakers can also be used to warn off unathorised individuals on-site. This might prove useful when the site is being managed remotely, as the operator has the ability to issue warnings to intruders.

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